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Plastic strapping

Central Strapping stock & supply a wide range of plastic strapping, manufactured for use with either hand tools or high-production power strapping machines. All types have controlled surface properties that minimize tensioning effort, increase tension-transmission around corners and improve operating efficiency.

Polypropylene Strapping - is designed for light and medium-duty applications, including palletizing, unitizing, bundling, carton closure and reinforcement. It performs reliably in both power-strapping machines and hand tools.

Polyester strapping - can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength than any other strapping material & provides superior retained tension offering greater load stability during storage and shipping. Polyester strapping is strong, yet resilient enough to perform smoothly and reliably in both power strapping machines and hand tools. Our extensive range of polyester strapping includes both smooth & embossed finishes and includes both hand-tool & machine grades.

High Strength Polyester strapping - To meet the growing demand to convert steel strapping systems in heavy industrial applications, Signode have developed a high strength Tenax polyester range of premier strapping which can be supplied in various widths up to 32mm. for use in both automated equipment and powered hand-tools.

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