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Central Strapping Co. supply & service a comprehensive range of hand tools to meet the diverse requirements of specific applications. Available for both Steel & plastic strapping, our range includes:

Manual Tensioners - Designed to apply the desired tension with minimal effort and strap waste. Most have a base which goes under the strapping and rests on the surface of the object being strapped, for irregular bundles, a push-type tensioner, which has no base under the strap, is recommended.

Pneumatic Tensioners take most of the effort out of strapping large or compressible packages. They ensure uniform and precise applied tension through adjustment of the air pressure regulator.

Manual Sealers provide positive sealing action with minimal effort. Light and durable, they lock strap ends into a high strength joint. Sealers can be either Front-action where the handles are held perpendicular to the strapping, usually in front of the operator who pushes the handles together close to the chest or Side-action where the lower handle can be rested on the flat surface of the unit being strapped.

Pneumatic Sealers are used on heavy strapping, especially when seals are in awkward positions or whenever productivity must be maximized. They come in two basic styles, pistol grips for lightweight easy one-hand operation, & diaphragm types for heavier-duty applications.

Combination tools tension, seal & cut the strap saving time by eliminating the handling of separate tools. Our extensive range includes both seal & sealless varieties, with the additional option of either manual or pneumatic operation.

Battery powered - The BXT2 range is designed to apply polypropylene & polyester strapping with consistency and reliability, on strap widths from 9-32mm. The BXT2 features 'Hypercharge Technology' enabling the BOSCH battery to be charged at any time, with just a 15 minute charge restoring 75-80% of the battery's total power, yet maintains strap tension levels, to the last cycle.

The BXT2 is extremely comfortable to use due to its ergonomic and lightweight design, yet copes easily with the most demanding industrial applications. All tensioning and sealing operations are controlled by electronic push buttons, making it quick and simple to operate. The enhanced tension system is extremely efficient and capable of strapping smaller packages, whilst the patented automatic welding system offers a choice of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.

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