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Steel Strapping

Central strapping, are an authorised Signode distributor, who are recognised as the first choice among packaging professionals worldwide.

We supply two basic types of steel strapping: Apex® a regular duty cold-rolled, low carbon steel strapping manufactured with superior edge conditioning and Magnus® strapping, a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping which is heat-treated by a process which combines fine surface and controlled physical properties offering both high strength and excellent shock resistance. Steel strapping is produced in two basic coil windings:

Millwound - The strapping is oscillated uniformly across the 63.5 mm width of the coil. Individual coil weights vary between 45-50 kg. packed in pallets of 12 coils.

Ribbon Wound - Where each layer is wound directly over the one below it so that the width of the strapping is the same width of the coil. Coil weights & pallet quantities are dependent on strap width, with average pallet weights of 600 Kg.

Both Apex & Magnus strapping is pre-waxed to give optimum performance with feed-wheel tensioning tools & can be supplied in various finishes: Blue, Black painted & Zinc painted to meet environmental conditions.

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